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What is Ista and what do they do?


If you live in a building with a communal heating system, Ista will take care of your final statement. Ista is a company that specializes worldwide in measuring and settling payment for energy consumption

With a communal heating system, Woonpunt measures the individual energy consumption of each apartment. As this is specialist work, we outsource it to Ista. 

Ista measures your energy consumption using the meters that are fitted to the radiators in your accommodation. The company can read out the consumption per meter remotely. Ista then prepares a final statement based on these meter recordings. Once you have received the final statement, the energy costs you actually incur are settled with the monthly advance payments you made. Sometimes you may receive a refund and at other times you may need to pay extra. 

In most cases, you’ll receive a statement from Woonpunt but, for some buildings, Ista sends the final statement and also collects the advance payments.


You’ll find all the information you need about your annual statement on the Ista website.
Here you’ll also find videos, example calculations, and frequently asked questions.