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If you are unable to pay your rent owing to circumstances, please contact Woonpunt immediately 088 050 60 70. We will help you look for a solution.

What happens when you are in arrears?

If you are late paying your rent, you will receive a reminder the same month, in which we ask you to pay your rent. If Woonpunt has not received your payment by the end of the month, we will call you. If you cannot pay, it is important that you contact us yourself, as soon as possible. This may prevent arrears.

1. Reminder

In the case of one month’s rental arrears, we will send you a demand note. Having received this demand note, you can still pay the amount in arrears without extra cost. If you are one or two months in arrears, we may arrange a payment plan with you. In determining the amount and the time limit, we will take into account your private situation. We will not charge you for setting up a payment plan. We can also put you in contact with a debt counsellor. If you fail to adhere to the payment plan, the plan will be terminated and you will have to pay your arrears immediately in one lump sum. We understand that having arrears is unpleasant and therefore we will deal with this discreetly. It goes without saying that your privacy is respected.

2. Debt collector

If you fail to respond to our letters, refuse to agree on a payment plan or break agreements made, Woonpunt will involve a debt collector. This is irrespective of the level of arrears. Any expenses made, will be charged to you. Arranging a payment plan is then only possible through the debt collector. Any costs involved, will be charged to you as well.

3. Magistrate

In the case of three months' arrears or more, Woonpunt will ask the magistrate to dissolve the tenancy agreement. If you still have not paid and have not agreed on a payment arrangement, the magistrate will usually grant the request. Two weeks after the magistrate's decision, a debt collector will proceed with evacuation of the accommodation. This can only be prevented by paying the full amount due or by a finance company or other body submitting a payment guarantee.

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