1. Give notice in due time. You can give notice every day of the month but make sure to take the one month’s notice into consideration. Terminating your contract is easy using the appropriate form.
  2. Leave your room clean, undamaged and safe. On the last day of your tenancy, make sure that:
    - the room is cleared out and clean;
    - the toilet, bathroom and kitchen are clean, undamaged and free of limescale;
    - nails, screws and plugs are removed from walls and ceilings and the holes are repaired.
  3. Leave the room completely empty. The only items you can leave in the room are the ones that a new tenant wants to have. Make sure you have a written agreements with the new tenant; use the form you receive with the end-of-tenancy confirmation. If you have to remove items after the last day of tenancy, you will be charged € 15 a day for it.
  4. Take all your belongings with you. This also applies to items that you no longer need. Don't leave anything in kitchens or other communal areas.

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We are renovating our offices

Our offices at the Leidenlaan will be renovated, so that we can house all our 200 employees in one building. Visitors are welcome in the temporary office building on the parking lot. The renovation will be finished after the summer. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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