As our linchpin - our point of contact - you will have contact with our district manager from time to time. This could be because you and your fellow residents feel that there are certain issues that Woonpunt needs to address or because you and others want help dealing with rubbish left in the corridors. The linchpin could also help fellow residents who are new to the Netherlands or who are living by themselves for the first time.

If you are interested, please register with Helma Bannink (Maastricht) or Willem van de Kraats (Sittard). We will then work with you to make sure that your building becomes even safer and cleaner.

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Maastricht is the first city with a quality mark

Student rooms with the Prettig Wonen Keurmerk (the comfortable-living quality mark) are both fire safe and burglar proof.

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Am I allowed to sub-let my room or studio?

Yes, you are! If you live somewhere else for a while, you are free to sub-let your accommodation on a temporary basis.

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How not to become a nuisance

Consider your neighbours - Keep the noise down - Having a party? Let your neighbours know

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Win free tickets for the Groove Garden Festival

Woonpunt has two pairs of Friday tickets and two pairs of Sunday tickets to give away for the Groove Garden dance festival. Would you like to win?

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