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Maastricht is the first city with a quality mark for student accommodation

Are there smoke alarms and fire extinguishers present in the student house? Does the rent reflect the accommodation offered? Does your landlord have all of the permits required? It's difficult for students to get answers to questions like these when they are looking for rooms. With this in mind, as the first Dutch student city Maastricht launched a comprehensive quality mark for student rooms: the Prettig Wonen Keurmerk (the comfortable-living quality mark).

What the quality mark means

Properties that are awarded the Prettig Wonen quality mark are both fire safe and burglar proof. The landlords who rent out these properties are reliable and easy to contact. Every five years, an independent inspector inspects these properties and decides whether they still meet all the various requirements. In the interim, landlords are required to carry out a number of checks on things like property management, security, and fire safety.

Trial with forty properties

The quality mark was launched 12 May by the Vereniging Verhuurders Woonruimten Maastricht (the association of Maastricht residential landlords (VVWM)) and the Stichting Studentenhuisvesting Maastricht (the Maastricht foundation for student accommodation). Private landlords, housing associations, the university, the university of applied sciences, the municipality, the fire brigade, students, and the residents of the various districts of Maastricht will all take part in the trial. Starting in May, the trial will involve forty properties, ten of which belong to Woonpunt; the tenants of these properties will be notified of the trial. If the trial proves a success, additional properties will be added in October.

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