Nominating a new tenant

If you move out, you can nominate a new tenant at the time of your notice. The candidate has to be registered at Maastricht Housing for a certain period of time. Duration of registration required depends on the type of room you're in. This is to prevent that students who have been on the waiting-list for some time miss out on a nice room. You will find more information on the subject on our website.

Temporary sublet

In the event of a traineeship or a temporary study elsewhere, you are allowed to sublet your room for a maximum of 1 year. The subtenant does not need to be registered at Maastricht Housing. If you want to sublet, you are not allowed to have a backlog in payment of rent.

Permission of Woonpunt

In order to sublet your room you need Woonpunt’s permission. You need to request permission no later than 10 days prior to commencement date. You can use the request form.

Agreements with the subtenant

If we agree to the subtenancy, you are allowed to have someone else live in your room for a certain period of time. Officially you are still the tenant and therefore responsible for payment of the rent and the condition of the room. You need to make agreements with the subtenant about the payment of the rent and the use of the living space (possibly including furniture).

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