You might have noticed it already: our consultants can be reached through a new e-mail address. From now on, you can e-mail all your questions about your room to:


If you have a request for repair work please go to or call 088 - 050 60 70.

Anything else?

Our district caretakers Helma Bannink (Maastricht) and Willem van de Kraats (Sittard) remain your contacts with regard to all general questions, remarks and/or complaints.

Helma Bannink: or 088 - 050 60 04

Willem van de Kraats: or 088 - 050 61 30

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Am I allowed to nominate a new tenant?

Yes, you are allowed to temporarily sublet your room or studio to another student. If you move out, you are also allowed to nominate a new tenant.

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The weather is nice and there is daylight until late in the evening. For many of us, this is a good reason for a party or a barbecue.

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