Does everybody receive a tax bill?

What do city taxes consist of?

City taxes consist of sewage charges, waste collection levy and water tax. The city uses the tax revenues for processing household waste and purification of the waste water, among other things.

This depends on your situation. If you live in an independent apartment with its own bathroom and kitchen then the bill will be addressed to you personally. If you live in a dorm and you share your house with other students, the tax bill will be sent to your building, addressed to just one of the residents. You will then have to split the costs evenly amongst yourselves.

When are you entitled to a reprieve?

If your income is fairly low and you do not have savings, there’s a good chance you are eligible for a reprieve. If you share your house with other students, only the income and savings of the student addressed serve as a basis for the tax calculation.

How do you apply for a reprieve?

On the back of the bill you will find instructions on how to apply for a reprieve. You can also apply online, via this website (DigiD necessary)

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