We received some complaints about the cleaning of the communal areas. That’s why we will do things differently from now on. Instead of working down a list, the cleaning companies will assess the necessary cleaning activities and take up the specific tasks. We consider this to be more efficient. The cleaning company as well as Woonpunt employees will check the results carefully.

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Different company

As of April 1 the cleaning companies Jaro and Robedo Cleaning will take up cleaning activities in the Maastricht area and Balanz Balanz Facilitair will see to the cleaning in our buildings in Sittard.

Affordable and thorough

Measures like these are intended to offer thorough but affordable cleaning. The cleaning company’s fee will be incorporated in the service charges. For most of you, the service charges will remain unchanged. If not, you will receive a notice soon.

If students clean their building themselves

This only applies to student buildings where a cleaning company is already active. In the fall of 2017 we will talk to students who tend to the cleaning in their building themselves. We want to address the possibility of handing over the cleaning to a cleaning company.

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