What’s your rent?

Depending on your age, the rent needs to be between € 231,87 and € 710,68. As a general rule: the higher the rent and the lower your income, the more rent subsidy you will receive.

Which heating and service costs are included in the calculation?

You are allowed to add up part of the service costs to the rental price in order to calculate the rent subsidy. You may add costs for the cleaning and heating of the communal areas . Per category a maximum of € 12 is allowed to add to your rental costs, even though the costs might be higher.

List of conditions:

  • You are 18 years or over
  • You are registered at the municipality of your residence
  • You have the Dutch nationality or a valid residential permit and a social security number (BSN)
  • You are renting an independent living space or an allocated shared accommodation
  • Your rental fee is within the bandwith of your age category
  • You have an annual income that does not exceed € 22.100
  • Your personal equity does not exceed € 24.437

Is my apartment eligible for rent subsidy?

Studios are always eligible for rent subsidy, because they have their own front door, kitchen and toilet. Apart from these, a considerable number of student rooms are allocated for rent subsidy by the Tax Department. It is always stated in the advert whether the room is eligible for subsidy. If you are in doubt about rent subsidy, please contact our consultants via consulentencentraal@woonpunt.nl. They will be happy to help you.

Curious to find out about your rent subsidy?

You can calculate your subsidy on www.toeslagenaanvraag.nl. Keep the following information at hand: the monthly amount in rent, the service costs, estimated tax assessment and pay slip or annual summary of your most recent employer.

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