In the college year 2014/2015 28 percent of new bachelor students moved into a dorm or student house. That number dropped 13 percent in 2015/2016, whereas the number of students living at home has increased considerably. Asked why they opt to stay at home almost half of these students answered the recent cuts in government student funding.

Shortage in rooms not solved

The increase in the number of students living at home has a minor impact on the total number of students living away from home. This is because the number of first-year students living away from home is only limited compared to the total number of students living away from home. Director Ardin Mourik of Kences: ‘This development does not solve the shortage in student rooms, if only because the effects rather vary per city.’

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No change in Maastricht with regard to availability of student rooms

In Sittard and Maastricht the number of bachelor students ready to start their college year and living in a student room is also reduced by half. ‘Despite this development, the demand for student rooms has not decreased’, says consultant Claudia Mullenders. ‘There’s an increase in the number of international students asking for a room. The rooms we had available last summer are all gone. During the college year however, it takes some more time to find a tenant for the less favorable rooms.’

National Monitor Student Housing

The National Monitor Student Housing is an initiative of Kences: the knowledge centre in student housing. Kences is a collaboration of thirteen professional student housing firms in the Netherlands, one of which is Woonpunt. The results of the Monitor can be found on the website

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