Research agency KWH also makes enquiries amongst our target group of students. Fortunately we are able to conclude that you are happy with our service. So far, you have awarded us an average score of 7,6.

Score per category

Category Score Explanation

7,6 easy communication and swiftness and clarity of the information
Searching for a home

7,4 registration and visiting the apartment
New home
7,6 The rental contract and transfer of the apartment
Termination of rent

7,2 Termination of the contract, the final settlement
Repair work

8,3 Quality of the repairs and process

Share your opinion

KWH approaches tenants at random on a monthly basis. Tenants receive a questionnaire by email or text message. Did you receive one? Please put in the (small) effort of filling it in. It will only take about 5 minutes and the information is very valuable to us.

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