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House rules

In our apartment complexes special rules apply to ensure that everyone lives comfortably. Let’s create a pleasant place to live together.

Woonpunt loves pleasant conversations.

Makes sense, doesn't it? Because good conversations lead to the best solutions. That means showing mutual respect, patience, and understanding. 

To ensure our conversations get the best results, we have some house rules:

  • Treat our staff with respect.
  • Talk to our staff politely.
  • Try your best to fully cooperate.
  • Ensure requests or applications are as clear as possible and submitted promptly.
  • Ensure that Woonpunt has all the necessary information to process the request and, if any of your details have changed, communicate this as soon as possible.
  • Attend your appointment at the arranged time.
  • Follow the instructions given to you by Woonpunt staff.
  • Turn off your mobile phone during appointments with our staff.
  • Allow others privacy by waiting at the front desk.
  • Leave your pet outside where we have special pet facilities.