Paying rent

About basic rent, additional costs, direct debit and rent allowance

Rent consists of the basic rent and any additional costs. Additional costs may include gas and/or electricity used, water consumption, and service costs for the maintenance of the communal areas and the green spaces. Such costs generally only apply to apartments. Additional costs (where applicable) are charged as an advance. The real amounts due are settled annually.

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How and when to pay

Rent must be paid before the beginning of the month. There are various payment methods. The easiest way is to use direct debit. To authorise direct debit, please complete the form below. Woonpunt cannot accept cash payments. Alternative payment methods are by bankcard or giro form. To transfer an amount of money to Woonpunt, please use one of the following account numbers:

IBAN number: NL22INGB0000717812


Rent subsidy

Is the rent you pay to Woonpunt a considerable amount in proportion to your income, and is your monthly rent no more than €681.01? Then you may be entitled to a partial compensation of rent in the form of a rent allowance. The level of rent allowance depends on income and the amount of rent paid. For more information or an application for rent allowance, please go to or call the ‘Belastingtelefoon’ (Tax telephone) at 0800-0543. To complete the application form, you need to fill in Woonpunt’s Chamber of Commerce registration number: 146 146 65.

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