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Subletting by students

If you are going away to do a traineeship or to temporarily study elsewhere, you may sublet your room or accommodation for up to one year. This requires prior permission from Woonpunt.

Finding a subtenant

You may propose a candidate yourself. This person need not be registered with Maastricht Housing. The subtenant must be a student and therefore must be able to show proof of enrolment from an educational institute.

Arranging a sublet

The application form clearly states what we need from you and the subtenant. Submit the completed application form with supplements to us no shorter than 10 days before the desired commencing date. At the time of the application, you may not be in arrears as to payments. Click here to download the a Supplication form

Agreements with subtenant

After acceptance by Woonpunt, you have arranged to allow someone else to use your room or accommodation for a certain period of time. You will officially remain the tenant and are therefore responsible for the payment of rent and the condition of the accommodation. You must make your own arrangements concerning payment of rent, the use of the accommodation (with possible inclusion of furniture) with your subtenant!

Propose a candidate

Student tenants of Woonpunt have the opportunity to propose a new candidate when they terminate their rental agreement. Please note that the conditions set out below must be satisfied:

  • The candidate proposal must be submitted at the same time as the written notice of rental termination
  • The proposed candidate must be a student
  • The proposed candidate must have been registered with Maastricht Housing for at least the period specified below:
    - room with shared kitchen/bathroom facilities in the city centre/Wyck/Wonen Boven Winkels (homes above shops scheme): One year
    - independent unit in the city centre/Wyck/Wonen Boven Winkels (homes above shops scheme): Two years
    - room with shared kitchen/bathroom facilities, other locations: six months
    - independent unit in other locations: One year