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Application form for subletting student room

If you are going away to do a traineeship or to temporarily study elsewhere, you may sublet your room or accommodation for up to one year. This requires prior permission from Woonpunt. The application form clearly states what we need from you and the subtenant. Submit the completed application form with supplements to us no shorter than 10 days before the desired commencing date. At the time of the application, you may not be in arrears as to payments.

Contact information tenant


Uw klantnummer vind u bovenaan corrrespondentie van Woonpunt onder 'Uw kenmerk'.
* Woonpunt gebruikt uw e-mailadres ook voor toekomstige klantcontacten (lees meer)
Subletting period (no more than one year)

Statement of the educational institute

As a tenant you need to send a statement of the educational institute stating the location and duration of the study or internship outside of Maastricht.

Direct debit

As a tenant you need to authorise Woonpunt to directly draw the rent from your bank account. To do this, go to the direct debit authorisation form. Did you already authorise Woonpunt to directly draw the rent from your bank account? Then an extra assignment is not required.

Contact information parents/guardians*


* Through this address we can reach the tenant, should something happen in the rented property.


Contact information subtenant


Registration certificate 

The subtenant must send a copy of the registration certificate of the study institution as proof that the he or she is a student.


After sending the form you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
ATTENTION: this can take up to five minutes.