Tenancy agreement termination procedure

After you have terminated your tenancy agreement (using the form), you will receive a written confirmation within a few days. This confirmation also states your last day as a tenant. The letter includes the date upon which our inspector will visit the premises.

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How to leave the accomodation

The next tenant will want to receive a clean and tidy accommodation. Therefore you should ensure that the following are in order:
• the toilet(s), bathroom and kitchen must be clean and fresh
• all rooms should be empty and must have been swept or hoovered
• any nails, screws or dowels must have been removed from walls and ceilings and holes must be sealed
If the accommodation is not clean when you hand in your key, Woonpunt will charge you cleaning costs.
Items may only be left in the accommodation if you have made arrangements with the new tenant regarding acceptance of such. This should be confirmed by a form signed by both parties.

Form termination tenancy agreement.

How to arrange a transfer of items to the next tenant

If you made any to the accommodation, there are a number of options at the end of rental period. You must always remove movable items at the end of the renting period. Removal of immovable items such as a tiled floor, a skylight or sliding patio doors, depends on the agreement that Woonpunt made with you at the beginning of the tenancy agreement. Exactly what Woonpunt will acquire and what you should remove, will be determined during the inspection that follows your notice of termination of the tenancy agreement.

If Woonpunt decides not to accept changes made by you, you may offer these and a number of moveable items (carpets, curtains, washing machine) to the new tenant. To do so, complete the transfer form for movable items during the visit of the accommodation by the new tenant. A copy will go to Woonpunt, so that we know which items are to remain in the accommodation. If the new tenant does not want to have anything, you must surrender the accommodation empty. Please note: such transfers are always a matter between you and the new tenant. Woonpunt in not involved as a party.

Propose a candidate

Student tenants of Woonpunt have the opportunity to propose a new candidate when they terminate their rental agreement. Please note that the conditions set out below must be satisfied:

  • The candidate proposal must be submitted at the same time as the written notice of rental termination
  • The proposed candidate must be a student
  • The proposed candidate must have been registered with Maastricht Housing for at least the period specified below:
    • 2 years for an independent unit in the city centre/Wyck
    • 1 year for a room with shared kitchen/bathroom facilities in the city centre/Wyck
    • 1 year for an independent unit in other locations
    • 6 months for a room with shared kitchen/bathroom facilities in other locations